Rollandrack Bowling

   Mission: To Attract a Successful Manufacturer, Corporation or Entrepreneur  interested in exclusive manufacturing rights on this invention; to offer them this opportunity, that is protectected by twenty patent claims.

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    Experience the thrill of an actual Bowling Alley for a fraction of the cost.
   Toy Lovers, and Compettitive Game Players, alike,
will experience the action and feel of a real"no strings attached" Bowling Alley, with the fastest rack yet .

   This patented design needs no electricity, no
and no complex maintenance. It works on gravity and  can be scaled down to a table top toy, or scaled up to regulation bowling lane. 
Great for physical therapy or as a sport training aid, this game is for all ages and abilities. No straining or heavy lifting, just pure fun and excitement.
 Just have to try it..... 
      Inspired bySkeeball and Puck-Bowling, This is the most realistic verion of a professional Bowling-lane ever and its not just virtual reality,  it is reality. 
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